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Serving Ideas Tips

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How cold should beer be served?


To attain the fullest flavor of any beer, remove it from the refrigerator about a half an hour before tasting.

How should you keep beer for the best temperature?


Temperature for beers is important. All beers can be enjoyed with great love and the temperature has something to do with how the beer is appreciated. The temperature also is important for maintaining the beer and keeping it fresh. Beer is important to understand as you prepare to serve it. The temperature can be maintained with ice, however this will change the beer and how it is enjoyed. All beer should be brought forward with a plan for the best temperature. Ice cold mugs can be used to keep the beer chilled. This also changes the beer in a certain way. Maintaining a consistent temperature is the best way to serve beers and keep it in its best for all. Beer is not able to withstand extreme temperatures so make sure the temperature is stable. All beer can be enjoyed at a great temperature.

Why does my beer sometimes taste "skunky," and how can I prevent this from happening?

Avoiding that Skunky Taste

Want to avoid that awful "skunky" taste that beer sometimes gets? You can do so by remembering two things:

1. If not refrigerating right away, you should store beer in a dark closet or cabinet. Exposure to light is the main factor causing skunky taste.

2. Make sure that once beer is refrigerated, it stays refrigerated and cool. If beer is cooled, then shifts back to room temperature, and then cooled again, a skunky taste can result.

The hops in beer is very sensitive to light and temperature. This is why most beer bottles are dark in color -- to shield out light. The chemical structure within the beer can actually change, causing the offensive skunky smell and taste.

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